The Chinese Media Corporation organized a Kazakh-Chinese forum on strengthening cultural exchange “New Chapter of Good Neighborhood Relations” in Astana. At the event, the start of the third season of the television program “Xi Jinping’s Favorite Expressions” of the China Media Corporation in the Kazakh language was announced, a Kazinform agency correspondent reports.


Delivering a welcoming speech, the Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aida Balaeva noted that Kazakhstan and China are not only friendly neighbors, but also strategic partners with a long history.


“This historical connection, based on common interests and mutual respect, serves as a shining example for the development of the two countries, jointly heading towards a peaceful future and strengthening international stability. This year marks 32 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and China. Our connection is based on mutual respect, which is inherent in the peoples of the East, and the tradition of making compromises and finding solutions to seemingly the most difficult issues and situations is firmly rooted,” the minister noted.


According to her, in recent years, cooperation and strategic relations between Kazakhstan and China have reached a completely new level.


“Thanks to the heads of the two states, relations have risen to a high level of partnership, and the foundation has been laid for further strengthening good neighborliness and developing mutually beneficial cooperation. Today’s event also has its significance in the new stage of good neighborly relations, given the current state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Kazakhstan, as well as the recent state visit of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to China. This, of course, gave impetus to the development of good neighborly relations. This was stated in the interview of the Head of State with the Xinhua News Agency and in the article of the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China for the Kazinform agency, which aroused interest not only among the expert community, but also among the general public of our countries, said Aida Balaeva.


The minister also emphasized the importance of cultural cooperation, including performances by creative groups, museum exhibitions, screenings of new films, and the opening of monuments and cultural centers.


Head of China Media Corporation Shen Haixiong said that he arrived in Astana with Xi Jinping’s delegation just 4 hours ago, and expressed gratitude for the hospitality of Kazakhstan.


– Of course, we attach special importance to this event. I want to express my gratitude to the Head of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Here, in such a vast territory, we see that very kind people actually live. Today, on behalf of the China Media Corporation, we meet with you at this forum. I think this will be a kind of beginning of a new milestone in our relationship. Kazakhstan and China are good neighborly states. Our history has developed over thousands of years. The Great Silk Road passed through our territory,” said Shen Haixiong.


He recalled that back in 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping first expressed the idea of “One Belt, One Road.” And over the past 11 years, Kazakhstan and China have done a lot of work within the framework of this project.


– Today we are starting the third season of “Xi Jinping’s Favorite Expressions” in the Kazakh language, which collected quotes from classical Chinese works used by the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China in important speeches, articles and conversations. These broadcasts reveal the meaning and global value of the rich, profound Chinese traditional culture in the new era. These are classic sayings that truly show China’s past, present and future. And China promotes values such as peace and prosperity for all humanity,” said the head of the China Media Corporation.


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