The China Studies Centre 中国 研究 中心 is a modern think tank dedicated to comprehensive research of Chinese culture and history, analysis of the prospective development of the second global economy, and serving as an interactive platform for cooperation between governments, business circles, expert academic communities and universities of the Republic Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China.


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Systematic expert and information-analytical promotion of political, trade, economic and cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and China, practical intellectual assistance to the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative.

The Center for the Study of China does not form public opinion, the work of the Center is focused on providing objective information, on the basis of which each group of our audience will be able to draw their own conclusions about the PRC and Kazakh-Chinese relations.

Reports, documents, books and other research results of the Center are an important resource for people engaged in cooperation with the PRC and decision makers in the government, business sector and civil society. The Center strives to convey its analysis and ideas to the widest possible audience in order to facilitate the assessment of opportunities and risks, as well as to support the adoption of competent decisions at all levels.

Towering China continues to develop dynamically and strengthens its position in the world.

In 1990, China's contribution to global GDP was about 2%, currently the level of Chinese contribution is more than 17%. According to many forecasts, the current global economy "number two" in the next decade may take the first place in the world ranking of economic development. For Kazakhstan, as a neighbor and strategic partner of China, this new international economic reality means the opening of new opportunities, but also the emergence of a complex of new challenges.

Thousands of various studies and analytical assessments, expert forecasts and literature of various genres are devoted to China in the world.

Chinese research in various countries is carried out by state structures, analytical centers and scientific institutes, consulting agencies, business corporations, as well as international organizations. The topic related to the growing influence of the PRC in the world is becoming one of the most popular in modern discussions. At the same time, the study of China in Kazakhstan is still in its infancy and requires systematic development to meet the specific needs of our country's economic and political relations with China.

Kazakhstan is one of the key partners of the People's Republic of China, an important element of the ongoing "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

The Kazakhstan Center for the Study of China aims to present to the local audience a balanced view of the modern development of the People's Republic of China and its role in international processes through the prism of Kazakhstan's national interests. Our country, as one of the key partners of the PRC, should have its own idea of modern China and the prospects that can open up in bilateral and regional cooperation.