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Analytics section presents Centre’s analytical articles on Modern China, China's relations with Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, international cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

At the macro-regional level, rising China is implementing a new development policy based on the new programmatic and conceptual approach formulated in the Belt and Road Initiative on the ideas of reviving the Silk Road. Cooperation along historical trade routes has become an imperative for the development of modern China, which has united more than 150 states into a single global economic, industrial, transport, innovative, humanitarian barrier-free network. On a global scale, the Great Silk Road, which is being recreated today, changes the long-standing geo-economic order, represents a prototype of a new, more effective model of globalization and embodies the hope for development for many countries that participate in international cooperation.

For more than twenty years, the success of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has been based on the factor of constructive dialogue and the ability to bring polar interests to a common denominator. The organization has always been positioned as a symbol of effective regional dialogue. Structural shifts in and around the SCO are radically changing the Organization's prospects for the next decade, shifting the focus to the search for a new mission and algorithm for the work of the expanded Shanghai Group. The new composition of the SCO opens new horizons for international positioning and cooperation.