Kazakh-Chinese relations are developing dynamically within the framework of a strategic partnership. At the same time, our country is very pragmatically using the opportunities from cooperation with one of the world’s largest economies. And over these years, major strategic results have been achieved.

China has opened the Lianyungang seaport for Kazakhstan-opening the Pacific Ocean for the Great Steppe Country, removing the continental isolation of our country and providing opportunities to enter new export markets (Japan and South Korea are already looking at Kazakhstan, which now have opportunities for direct trade with us, since 2017 our exporters have been supplying grain to Vietnam, etc.).

Thanks to the Chinese initiative “One Belt, One Road” (announced in Astana), European countries (the main recipients of the belt and road cargo flows) began to look at Kazakhstan, to which our country has been striving for a long time and can now expand cooperation. More than 25 European cities receive goods from China through our country. And this is just the beginning. Kazakhstan is really becoming a Eurasian hub and realizing its geo-economic mission.

Thanks to the new transit corridors from China throughout Eurasia, the transport sector of Kazakhstan is going into plus for the first time and in 2017 earned $ 3 billion (of which $ 1.3 billion is the net effect of Chinese goods flow). According to forecasts, by 2020, Kazakhstan’s income will increase to $ 5 billion. And these are jobs for Kazakhstani citizens.

China promotes the industrial development of Kazakhstan – 51 joint industrial projects strengthen Kazakhstan’s production capabilities and promote economic diversification (a long-awaited departure from commodity dependence).

China is opening its food market to Kazakhstan in a neighborly way: finally, Kazakhstan’s agriculture gets opportunities for growth, because a stable large sales market has appeared. These are new opportunities for the development of the Kazakh village. And much more. And this is not a fiction, and not a game with statistics – these are all real achievements achieved in cooperation with the PRC.

At the same time, there is still an ambiguous (rather negative) reaction in the Kazakh society to the expansion of relations with the Eastern neighbor. The obvious growth of sinophobia (anti-Chinese sentiments), based on phobias that have no real arguments and are introduced from the outside, will not objectively stop cooperation with the PRC, but it can bring a lot of serious problems.

And this note is not China’s propaganda. After all, by and large, the question is not even in China as such – but in the real openness of Kazakhstan to international capital and projects with foreign partners (both European and Russian and other investors will look at the Chinese experience).

At the same time, the opportunities for the diversification of the economy of Kazakhstan lie precisely in the correct work with foreign partners. If China is expelled (as some groups in the Kazakh society believe), the socio-economic problems in the country will not be solved, but will worsen: all foreigners who will think about continuing cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan will look at this experience.

Fortunately, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev and the country’s leadership are well aware of the strategic advantages of interacting with the world economy “number two” – China – and consistently use the new opportunities for the progress of the Kazakh economy.

The recent achievements of Kazakhstan in negotiations with the Chinese side can be found in a new documentary entitled ” Export of integration. The Economic Belt of the Silk Road”, prepared by the TV and Radio Complex of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan following the results of the state visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev to the People’s Republic of China.


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