It is obvious that modern China has entered a new trajectory of development as one of the world’s leading players. The world in general, and Kazakhstan in particular, are watching with interest how the results of the future congress can affect the policy of a changing China.

The 19th CPC Congress is not just a matter of a new agenda for the leading party. This is a new historical milestone that will lay the foundations for the development of the People’s Republic of China for the coming decades. Taking into account the consistent growth of China’s importance in world affairs – the future of the CPC becomes important for the entire world community. This is particularly important from the perspective of what China, as a rapidly growing power, will be able to offer the world in the next five important years.

The first five-year period of Xi Jinping’s rule has already shown great results. During this period, the Chinese leader was able to show and approve his own style of management and strategic development with Chinese specifics.

It can be concluded that Xi is the leader of the new format, who has proved in practice that his ideas, unusual for the PRC, are capable of changing not only China, but also the world. During his presidency, he put forward a number of landmark initiatives that have significantly changed the vector of China’s development. And not just him.

Thus, the initiative “One Belt, One Road” put forward by the Chinese leader in Astana in 2013, despite various forecasts, has achieved success and today significantly changes the context of trade and economic relations in Eurasia.

Next year, it will be five years since the modern Silk Road promotes the resumption of forgotten ties and contacts between Eurasian cultures and opens up new opportunities for economic growth. This historical process will affect the world for a long time after the leaders of the current generation of Chinese managers will go on a well-deserved rest after a certain time.

Realizing this influence, China itself is trying to catch up to the new status of one of the global leaders. In this regard, internal reforms and improvement of public administration in the country are very important. We see that these processes are regularly continuing under the leadership of Xi.

Over the past few years, China has stepped up its fight against corruption, increased discipline among government officials, improved working style, and the rule of law has become more respected throughout society. We can expect that many new ideas and proposals will be announced within the framework of the future CPC Congress.

And the expected renewal of the leadership of the leading party of the People’s Republic of China means the emergence of new faces, new ideas and new opportunities for China’s development. The leading party itself is also changing, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary since its foundation in the next five-year period. And concrete results are important for the success of this anniversary. And in general, according to the consolidated estimates of many experts – they are there.

Over the past five years, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China has achieved great success-not only in the economy, but also in international affairs. And now there are many reasons to believe that the Chinese dream will be realized within the time frame set by the President of the People’s Republic of China. Now President Xi and his team are facing the issue of preparing a reliable political and economic base for the country’s sustainable development until 2049.

This is a question of a big story. And as you can see from the scope of many initiatives and proposals of the Chinese leader over the first five years – this is exactly the scale that interests him. Xi is working for the progress of China and its new place in world history – and therefore the CPC, as a key socio-political resource, needs new energy and vectors.

All this will be laid down in the program report of President Xi on October 18.

The question now is how this will affect the quality of China’s own development and what exactly will this dynamically updated giant country be able to offer to an unstable world? This is especially important in an era of global uncertainty, when international coordination and the management system are in great need of new ideas, approaches and mechanisms of cooperation.

China has a historic chance to offer the world its vision of global development and ways of developing civilization in new conditions. It seems that, judging by the preparations that are being observed in China today, the top leaders in Beijing are well aware of their responsibility and are extremely serious about finding and formulating a new mission for themselves in China and China’s mission in the world.

Kazakhstan is close to the agenda of progress and development. In this sense, the leaders of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev and China Xi Jinping understand each other very well. Both leaders brought their countries to a radically new level of development and position in international affairs. This energy of constant improvement brings the two countries closer together and allows them to have a macro-regional effect in Eurasia.

Kazakhstan and China – two neighboring countries were able to successfully launch the implementation of the Silk Road Economic Belt and promote the rapprochement of dozens of countries of the East and West. This is a good example of pragmatic cooperation, taking into account national interests and joint development. In this regard, the success of the PRC will open up new opportunities for the development of Kazakhstan – and our country, as a reliable partner, is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation and progress.


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