Recently, the world community has focused on the Sino-American trade confrontation, i.e. the so-called “trade war” between the two countries. Kazakh friends often ask me about it. In order to satisfy the interest of my friends, I would like to elaborate on the following in more detail.
Speaking about this trade war, it is necessary first of all to find out: by whom it was provoked, for what purpose and whether it is fair at all.

First, the so-called “Sino-American trade war” was provoked and imposed on the government and people of China by the Trump administration. The Chinese side is categorically against this. Our position is that China and the United States, which are the main trading partners for each other, are now facing a dilemma: peace leads to mutual benefit, and the struggle leads to the loss of both sides.

Any trade differences between them are nothing more than a normal phenomenon for the two largest economies of the world and can be resolved through equal dialogue and friendly consultations. There is absolutely no need to enter into a trade war, because ordinary consumers ultimately pay for it. Therefore, the Chinese side always shows a reasonable approach and great restraint in the face of provocations by the American side.

Secondly, in order to justify the provoked trade war against China, the United States allowed itself to operate with a lot of “disinformation”, as President Trump himself puts it, scolding his media. All this is a ridiculous excuse with which they are trying to achieve their selfish goals, namely, “America first” and “Make America great again”, for which they, without sparing anyone, burden the rest of the world.

The true motive of the American side is simple, it cannot calmly accept the fact of China’s rapid development and counts on maintaining its dominant position as the only superpower in the world, strangling China and stopping its development. I believe that it is not difficult for people with even a little knowledge of international politics and economics to understand this.
Thirdly, the US unleashing a trade war against other states for the sake of its own interests is in fact a continuation of the Cold War thinking, a return of hegemony and contradicts the trends of peaceful development of mankind. This is both wrong and unfair.

Currently, the United States is waving a big stick of protectionism and unilateralism on a global scale against not only China, but also its traditional allies, such as the European Union, Canada, the Republic of Korea and Japan. In light of this, it is absolutely not surprising that the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said: “We do not need enemies with such friends.”
China’s position on the so-called trade war unilaterally provoked by the United States is consistent and clear: we do not want and are not afraid, but we will respond with mirror measures if necessary.

From the end of March last year to the beginning of May this year, China and the United States held 11 rounds of trade negotiations and made significant progress. The responsibility for the current failure in the negotiations lies entirely with the United States. I want to pay special attention to the frequently asked question of my friends, whether the next step will be another negotiation or a war, it depends not on China, but on the United States, and if the negotiations resume, then both sides are obliged to show sufficient sincerity.

A member of the State Council, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said that if Washington wants to conduct equal negotiations, then Beijing’s door is open at any time, but if it resorts to maximum pressure, China will have nothing left but to resist to the end. This is a clear signal for the White House.

In particular, I want to emphasize that the Chinese people are peaceful, but this does not mean that they are weak and intimidated. The spirit of struggle has always been present in the Chinese people. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the New China. Over the past 70 years, what kind of storms and thunderstorms have the Chinese not passed through?! Today, more than ever, we are more clearly aware of the relevance and necessity of the spirit of struggle. China will firmly defend its legitimate rights and interests in the pursuit of peace, development and a happy future, firmly support the rules-based multilateral free trade system, and resolutely promote the realization of stable, balanced and sustainable development of the world economy.

Taking this opportunity, I want to emphasize that China does not intend to compete with the United States for the so-called “world leadership” and is not going to replace the United States in the status of a superpower. China is and will be a developing country. We just want the state to receive rapid development and the people to live a decent life through a high level of openness and international cooperation. Even when China takes even greater heights, it will continue to steadily follow the path of peaceful development, and will never become another America.

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