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Chinese industry shows strong recovery.

Correspondents of the People’s Daily newspaper Wang Zheng, Liu Wenxin.

In the first three quarters of this year, the added price large industrial enterprises China grew by 4% year on year, growth rates accelerated by 0.2 percentage points compared to first half a year China’s industrial production is growing steadily, the industry structure continues to be optimized, and positive trends are observed in the development of new growth engines for manufacturing industries. The country’s industry as a whole is stabilizing and recovering.

“In the first three quarters of this year, the share of manufacturing value added in GDP remained generally stable, investment in this sector continued to grow, and since July the growth rate has gradually accelerated,” said Zhao Zhiguo, spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. According to him, in August, the profits of large industrial enterprises increased by 17.2% in annual terms, the growth rate of sales and profits entered the positive zone, the restoration of the economic efficiency of enterprises accelerated, and success in the development of medium and small enterprises was especially noticeable.

A total of 12 thousand “little giants” were created in the country – specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the industrial and technological sphere, as well as 200 clusters of medium and small enterprises producing exclusive goods, which play an important role in strengthening and diversification of value chains.

“In the first three quarters, there was a steady increase in investment in manufacturing, especially investment in high-tech manufacturing rose 11.3% year on year, maintaining double-digit growth for 36 months in a row, and the decline in exports of manufactured goods decreased,” Zhao Zhiguo said.

Since the beginning of this year, the optimization of China’s industry structure, production in the field of renewable energy sources has continued demonstrates relatively high growth rates and is developing qualitatively industrial sector.

In particular, core industries have maintained stable growth. The added value of the equipment manufacturing industry grew by 6% year on year in the first three quarters, which was 2 percentage points higher than the overall industry growth rate. In September, four industries, including electrical, chemical, electronics and automobile, contributed about 60% to overall industrial growth.

At the same time, new industries showed strong development dynamics. In the first three quarters, production and sales of new energy vehicles were 6.313 million and 6.278 million units respectively, up 33.7% and 37.5% year-on-year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. This category of vehicles accounted for 29.8% of total sales of all new vehicles.

The industry for the production of new materials entered a stage of rapid development; for the first 9 months, the total production volume maintained double-digit growth. Breakthroughs have been achieved in the development of a number of key materials, leading to advanced technologies and products such as high-temperature superconductors and perovskite solar cells.

Production demonstrates high growth rates photovoltaic products, aerospace technology and equipment. In addition, China continues to lead the world in three key indicators of the shipbuilding industry, including production volume, new orders and existing orders.

“We are actively stimulating the accelerated development of high-tech production; in the first three quarters, the growth rate of investment in high-tech production exceeded the overall growth of investment in the manufacturing sector by 5.1 percentage points,” noted Zhao Zhiguo. He said that in the first three quarters, production of solar panels and charging stations increased by 63.2% and 34.2%, respectively.

The recently concluded Asian Games in Hangzhou created a sensation technological innovations and their application, including live broadcast of ultra-high clarity 8K, watching competitions from using VR technology, transparent giant screens, ground projection, interaction between spectators inside and outside stadiums via video, repeated show 360 degree video from the competition. This allowed viewers from all over the world to fully immerse themselves in the world of games.

The widespread use of digital technologies has brought profound changes to traditional modes and forms of production, effectively stimulating the circulation of data. “Currently, the process of digital transformation of enterprises is accelerating, the scale and level of creation of smart factories is gradually expanding, about 10 thousand digital workshops and smart factories have already been built throughout the country,” said Zhao Zhiguo. As he noted, the use of a new generation of information technologies represented by the industrial Internet is accelerating. These technologies, integrated into 45 sectors of the national economy, promote digitalization, networking and intellectualization of the real sector of the economy.

New scenarios, solutions and models of smart manufacturing are infusing new forces into improving the quality and efficiency of industrial sectors. In recent years, the scale of China’s key artificial intelligence industry has grown steadily, the number of companies in this field has exceeded 4,400, and innovative achievements in the fields of intelligent chips, development platforms and universal large models are continuously emerging. Cloud computing, smart computing and supercomputing are developing simultaneously. China ranks second in the world in terms of computing power, and major programs are being actively promoted, including “Eastern Data-Western Computing.” At present, 5G has spread to 67 industries in China, the number of 5G+Industrial Internet projects has exceeded 7,000, and the number of mobile Internet of Things connections in the country has reached nearly 2.22 billion.

“Deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing industries effectively promotes the transformation and modernization of the real sector of the economy,” emphasized official of the Ministry of industry аnd informatization China Tao Qing. According to her, the development of artificial intelligence, the main representative of which is large models, is characterized by rapid technological innovation, wide penetration into application areas and intense international competition. This is profoundly changing the modes of production and economic forms in the manufacturing industry, giving a powerful impetus to the development of this field.

Photo Workers fulfill orders in the “digital workshop” at a textile factory in Fuzhou, southeast China’s Fujian province. Photo material from People’s Daily newspaper online/Wan Wanwan.

Source: “People’s Daily” online

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