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The 6th Chinese international imported EXPO will be held in Shanghai on November 5-10.

Luo Shanshan, correspondent for People’s Daily.
The 6th Chinese international imported EXPO (hereinafter referred to as CIIE) will be held offline on November 5-10 in Shanghai /East China/.

The upcoming exhibition is expected to host representatives from 154 countries, regions and international organizations. on her already registered more than 3,400 exhibiting enterprises and 394 thousand professional visitors. The number of participants will be restored before pre-pandemic level. In addition, over 100 top managers from Fortune companies have confirmed their participation in CIIE. Global 500 and industry leaders. This will break a record in the history of the event.

The national exhibition within the framework of the 6th CIIE will fully demonstrate the readiness of various parties to expand openness and cooperation. The CIIE participating countries will cover 5 continents. 69 countries and 3 international organizations will present their national exposition. In particular, 11 countries will take part in the exhibition for the first time, 34 countries will attend the event offline for the first time. Honduras, Kazakhstan, Serbia, South Africa and Vietnam will act as guests of honor. Square Chinese pavilion increased to 2500 sq. m, which will set a new record.

The efficiency of a commercial exhibition will significantly increase. The exhibition area of the enterprises will be about 367 thousand square meters. m, number of participants from Fortune rating Global 500 and leading industry players – 289. Both indicators will reach unprecedented levels. 15 of the world’s largest companies have confirmed their participation in the exhibition. automakers, 10 largest industrial electrical equipment companies, 10 largest medical device manufacturers, 3 mining giants, 4 largest grain traders and 5 key shipping companies.

During the installation of exhibition areas, the emphasis is on high-quality development and life, thematic exhibition area in the field of advanced technologies such as energy-saving and low-carbon technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as consumer goods, increased by 30%. Scheduled premier showcasing more than 400 new products, technologies and services. Local governments and relevant departments have formed 39 government trade delegations and 4 industry trade delegations, comprising over 750 trade units.

“We will work closely with all parties to make every effort to create an international trade and economic exhibition of high standards, quality and level, provide participants with more opportunities to expand the market, increase investment and increase development, and join forces for joint progress,” — said Deputy Minister of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Sheng Qiuping.

As a platform for promoting high-level opening-up, CIIE continues to convey the signal of China’s intention to expand opening up to the outside world. The event will debut a range of cutting-edge products in the areas of high-tech equipment manufacturing, clean technology and biotechnology. Products such as yellow pitaya (Hylocereus megalanthus) from Ecuador and pineapples from Benin will enter the Chinese market for the first time thanks to the exhibition.

As an international public good available to all, CIIE fully demonstrates China’s commitment to true multilateralism and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. The Hongqiao Forum, which focuses on the theme of “global openness” and positions itself as an international public good, will re-release the World Openness Report and the World Openness Index. The Forum will create a high-level platform for dialogue and exchange between the international political, business and academic communities.

This year there will be 22 subforums whose topics cover “green” development, digital economy, intellectual science and equipment and others the most discussed questions. Over 300 political, commercial and academic heavyweights.

Shanghai Deputy Mayor Hua Yuan said that Shanghai, the main venue of the CIIE, is accelerating the creation of a collection and distribution center for import and export goods. In addition, the number of trade and service platforms in the “6 days + 365 days” format to support the sale of exhibition products has increased to 60. Shanghai has been making efforts to turn exhibitors into investors, and has issued an action plan for the 6th consecutive year optimization of the business environment. The amount of foreign investment actually used by the city increased from US$16.661 billion in 2018 to US$23.956 billion in 2022. Their total amount reached US$101.3 billion over five years, an increase of 20.5% over the previous 5 years.

As the world’s first national import-oriented exhibition, CIIE has become an international platform for connecting Chinese and global markets, integrating industries, mutually stimulating creative thinking and sharing experiences in the field of rules and regulations. In the future, the Ministry of Commerce of China, together with other departments, will take comprehensive measures to stimulate the import of high-quality products from around the world and promote high-quality trade development.

China is continuously expanding its policy support for imports, ensuring the stable operation of all links in the import of raw materials, as well as increasing imports of energy resources and agricultural products. In order to increase the import of advanced technologies, important equipment, key components, and promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, the Ministry of Commerce, together with other departments, will revise the list of technologies and goods encouraged to import.

The potential of imports is constantly being revealed. This year, China introduced temporary import duties on 1,020 product items (not counting goods with tariff quotas). In accordance with the free trade agreements that have entered into force and preferential trade, China has extended the conventions within the framework of 19 agreements rates on some imported goods from 29 countries and regions of the world, further reducing level customs tariffs. In addition, the country, by intensifying the role of cross-border e-commerce, is releasing the potential for imports of consumer goods.

China has been relentlessly promoting exchanges through exhibitions. To ensure that more companies can take advantage of opportunities in the Chinese market, the PRC is making the most of the role of major exhibition venues such as CIIE, enhancing the impact of various exhibitions, promoting the flow of more high-quality goods, technologies and services into the country, promoting connections and interaction between enterprises.

Photo The photograph taken on October 21 shows the National exhibition and conference center Shanghai, where the 6th China International Import will be held EXPO / CIIE /. Photo material from People’s Daily newspaper online/Yan Daming.

Source: “People’s Daily” online

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