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China will always remain an important opportunity for global development.

“Heyin” column of the People’s Daily newspaper.

On November 5, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a letter to the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), which opened on the same day in Shanghai. The Chinese leader noted that China will always remain an important opportunity for global development, resolutely expanding high-level opening-up and continuing to push the development of economic globalization towards greater openness, inclusiveness, universal access, balance and win-win.

CIIE shows the international community China’s sincere desire to share with the world market opportunities, determination expand openness at a high level and active actions on building an open world economy.

CIIE is first World exhibition focused on import on national level, which is aimed at promoting open cooperation and achieving mutual benefits and mutual winning. The event has been successfully held 5 times since 2018. As a platform for international procurement, investment, humanitarian exchanges and open cooperation, the exhibition has made a positive contribution to accelerating the formation of a new development architecture and promoting the development of the global economy.

Quite a few foreign exhibitors said that the importance of CIIE is becoming increasingly clear; they look forward to further deepening mutually beneficial cooperation with the Chinese market; continue to increase investment in China.

CIIE serves as a window for the formation of a new development architecture, providing the world with new opportunities based on new achievements in China’s development.

At the current CIIE, the area of the Chinese pavilion has increased to 2500 square meters. m, which became a new record in the history of the event. Within the framework of CIIE, the exhibition “Achievements during the 10th anniversary of the construction of China’s pilot free trade zones” is held, organized under the motto “New achievements of Chinese modernization open up new opportunities for the world.” It showcases the latest results achieved by China in expanding high-level opening-up and pursuing high-quality development.

This fully proves that the new development model being formed by the PRC is not a closed internal cycle, but a more open internal and international double cycle, which not only meets the development needs of China itself, but also promotes the well-being of the people of all countries.

On the sidelines of CIIE, China has implemented a series of measures to enhance the active influence of open cooperation, including accelerating the issuance of laws and regulations on foreign investment, improving the open and transparent system of laws related to foreign entrepreneurs, implementing a governance system connecting the national pre-investment stage regime with “Negative list”, continued encouragement of pilot free trade zones for bold experiments and innovations, accelerating the construction of a free trade zone in Hainan, promoting the optimization and modernization of commodity trade, introducing innovations in the development mechanism of trade in services, expanding the import of high-quality products, establishing pilot zones cooperation within the framework of “electronic commerce Silk paths”. All this clearly embodies the theme of the exhibition “New Era – Common Future”.
CIIE serves as a platform to promote high-level openness, making China’s huge market accessible to the world. Holding CIIE is the most important decision of the PRC to promote a new stage of high-level openness to the outside world, as well as a significant measure for the country to actively open its market to the world.

This year’s event participants remain unwaveringly enthusiastic: about 200 companies have signed contracts to participate in CIIE for the 6th time in a row; 11 countries launched national exhibitions for the first time; 34 states took part offline in national exhibitions for the first time; More than 3,400 exhibitors and almost 410 thousand professional visitors registered at the exhibition; The number of the world’s largest companies and industry leaders has reached a record level.

The continuous improvement in the quality and level of CIIE fully demonstrates the powerful attraction of China, which is steadily expanding its opening to the outside world. A variety of enterprises, including century-old companies, innovative start-ups, competitive global corporations and small enterprises from least developed countries, view the Chinese market positively and actively use CIIE to enter the Chinese market and gain development opportunities.

CIIE transforms globally accessible goods and services into international public goods, helping to advance the creation of an open global economy and enabling the world’s countries to benefit from cooperation and shared benefits.

Currently, the global economy continues to recover sluggishly, which requires countries to unite and jointly look for ways to develop. CIIE members exchange goods and services, culture and ideas. The fair has pronounced features of openness and, from an ideological and practical point of view, constantly contributes to the formation of an open world economy. Through the exchange of culture and ideas, CIIE builds a consensus on openness and cooperation, and through trade in goods and services, continuously imparts a driving force to openness and cooperation as the world economy develops.

More than 400 representative innovative products, technologies and services will debut at this year’s exhibition. The Hongqiao International Economic Forum, whose theme is “Uniting efforts for development, expanding openness to the future,” covers 22 sub-forums. The forum is dedicated to discussed issues such as green development, digital economy and smart technologies. This is helping to build a broad consensus in favor of promoting economic globalization, restoring global economic dynamism, and enhancing the resilience of the global economy.

The active participation of various parties in CIIE fully demonstrates that openness and cooperation are a historical trend, and mutual benefit and win-win are the common desire of mankind. China will resolutely expand high-level opening up to the outside world, and unite with all parties more farsightedly, openly and energetically to create a more prosperous and beautiful future.

Photo 05.11.2023. The exhibition area of medical equipment, medicinal and health products at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is full of visitors. Photo material from People’s Daily online/Wang Chu.

Source: “People’s Daily” online

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