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The opening ceremony of the Center for Chinese Modernization Studies in Kazakhstan

Today, the opening ceremony of the Center for Chinese Modernization Studies in Kazakhstan marked a new stage in strengthening analytical and cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and China. The event held today brought together representatives of scientists, diplomats and representatives of ministries and public figures within the Nazarbayev University.
At the same time, the opening ceremony of Center for Chinese Modernization Studies in Kazakhstan was attended by officials from both countries, and the first to deliver a welcoming speech was the Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Mr. Wang Gang. “The creation of the Overseas Research Center for Chinese Modernization (Kazakhstan) comes at the right time and is of great importance. The establishment of the center is an important measure and a bold innovation to implement the important consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K. Tokayev to strengthen interpersonal and cultural exchanges, and marks another solid step forward in think tank cooperation between the two countries. It is expected that through the joint efforts of the competent authorities and partners of the two countries, the Center will create an effective platform for cooperation between think tanks of the two countries to conduct scientific exchanges, share development experiences, promote mutual learning between civilizations, and promote the development and high-quality joint construction of China and Kazakhstan and even countries in the region. “One Belt, One Road” provides powerful intellectual support,” noted the honorary head of the delegation from the PRC.
Vice Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan Iskakov K.Zh. warmly greeted the distinguished delegates from the PRC, noting the symbolic significance of the location of the opening ceremony of the center being created, because exactly ten years ago the origins of the “One Belt and One Road” were heard at Nazarbayev University, in the direct presence of the esteemed Leader of the PRC, Mr. Xi Jinping. “This initiative has given a good impetus to the further development of relations between our countries. These ties are strengthened in the spirit of strategic partnership and alliance. We also hope that the opening of the Kazakhstan Center for the Study of Chinese Modernization will effectively influence bilateral cooperation in the socio-economic, cultural and humanitarian areas. It will contribute to raising the level of Chinese-Kazakh relations and deepening cooperation in various fields,” said the Vice Minister.
The given support provided by Nazarbayev University is noted, over the year more than 16 delegations from the PRC have been guests of the University, there are more than 6 active Memorandums of Cooperation with leading universities of the PRC, in the near future another 2 delegations of experts will arrive at Nazarbayev University to facilitate academic programs. This news was shared by Kadisha Dairova, Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation at Nazarbayev University. According to the Vice President, the created Center for the Study of Chinese Modernization should become a driving force in building an understanding of the two nations and a generator of new ideas in development. “I am confident that the Center will become a kind of “Think tank” hub, which will allow us to develop human potential and new prospects for cooperation between Kazakhstan and China,” noted Ms. K. Dairova.
It should be noted that other speakers were present at the official opening ceremony of the Center for Chinese Modernization Studies in Kazakhstan, Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ms. Xing Fangfang, Deputy Director of the Department of the Asia-Pacific Region of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Erik Ashimov, Director of the China research centre, Mrs. G. Shaimergenova. Each of the high-ranking guests of the ceremony made welcoming speeches, noting that the opening Center promises to become another driving applied-tool in building an eternal strategic partnership between both countries.
It should be noted that the China research Centre, one of the key hosts of this project, expressed deep gratitude to all participants and co-organizers of the event. “The center being created is intended to become an important catalyst for the exchange of knowledge and experience between Kazakhstan and China, providing a platform for research and training related to modern trends in Chinese modernization,” said Gulnar Shaimergenova, Director of the China research Centre.
Overall, the Center for Chinese Modernization Studies in Kazakhstan represents an important step towards deepening mutual understanding and strengthening partnership between the two countries. It promises to become not only a center for research, but also a bridge for cultural exchange, helping to expand new horizons of cooperation and mutual understanding between the peoples of Kazakhstan and China.

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