Business and law

China with a huge and dynamic consumer market is becoming more and more attractive for Kazakhstani exporters. China's economy ranks second in the world in terms of nominal GDP. The dynamics of the country's economic growth in absolute terms is the highest in the world. China is the world's first industrial superpower in terms of industrial production, as well as a space and nuclear power – it leads the world in the extraction of coal, iron, manganese, lead-zinc, antimony and tungsten ores, as well as wood. Oil, gas, and uranium are also being extracted on a significant scale on the territory of China.

China is currently in the process of transitioning to a higher value-added economy, which means that its growth will increasingly be driven by consumption, innovation and service sector performance.

The section provides an overview of the Chinese regulatory framework and measures taken in the field of state regulation of foreign economic and investment activities of the People's Republic of China: legislation on foreign investment, regulation of FEZ, currency regulation, current trade restrictions, customs tariffs, features of customs procedures for imports to China, non-tariff measures and technical regulation, organizational and legal forms of doing business, etc.